Breaking: Phillies Manager Robert Lewis Thomson Name Players that Lead the Team to Victory  Over Cubs 

Twenty24 National League All-Star starting shortstop Trea Turner put his skills to work on Wednesday, leading to two crucial runs in a 5-3 victory at Wrigley Field. Turner had just finished a two-moonshot, four-RBI game against the Cubs in the series opener.

Turner led off the sixth inning with an infield single, which is surpassed by very few players in baseball, if any, who are faster than the 95th percentile in the sprint category. Turner did, which allowed Alec Bohm, another recently designated All-Star starter, to hit a huge shot that was 415 feet away and count for double, giving the Phillies the lead.

After the Cubs had tied the game in the eighth inning against a struggling Matt Strahm, the game was tied two innings later.

Turner and Bohm advanced on a passed ball, and the former scored on a sacrifice fly that travelled 261 feet to centre field. Turner slipped, as he usually does, but even if the throw had been on line, there might not have been a play at the plate. (A Whit Merrifield single later in the inning gave the Phillies another run.)

Turner remarked after the game, “I thought in Detroit I started to feel okay,” regarding his legs. “It takes time, and you don’t feel well every day,” I knew.

However, I felt like there were some plays today where I needed to be fast and have the next gear, so I went ahead and did it. Of course, everything is fine.

Though he was quick on the bases and went 2 for 4, Turner might not have been the Phillies’ most effective player. Rafael Marchan might very possibly win the title. Before double in the fifth, he hit a 414-foot solo home run in the third to knot the score at one.

Marchan is batting since the start of his hitless season.281 with three home runs and two doubles, extending his mysterious, MLB-only power outburst.

After the game, Thomson remarked, “I believe he likes the bright lights.” “He’s a cute young man. He is, in fact.

Bohm, Turner, and Marchan all contributed to the Phillies winning this middle-of-the-road matchup. Zack Wheeler gave up two runs in six innings, while Shōta Imanaga—a former Phillies target and possible Cy Young contender—gave up three runs in six.

After the game, Wheeler said, “It was a grind.” “I was out there just grinding a little bit because I wasn’t at my best and didn’t have my best. Marchan deserves credit for calling a fantastic game. He’s one of those people who stepped in and performed admirably.

I adore tossing to him. Although he is younger, it’s good that he can call a game. And he took it quite well. Consequently, you must give him credit.

The Phillies’ Orion Kerkering threw a scoreless eighth, and José Alvarado recorded the save. The only mistake of the night for the bullpen came from the aforementioned Strahm, who gave up two hits in the seventh to tie the game. He has recently been stuck in a rut.