Latest Yankees News: Yankees Eyeing Former MVP as Trade Deadline Approaches

The offence of the New York Yankees is in dire need of a lift, and one may come soon.

Despite New York’s recent struggles, it is anticipated that the Yankees will make at least one or two deals to support the team in the final stretch as the trade deadline draws near.

The Chicago Cubs’ sensation Cody Bellinger was unexpectedly touted as a potential addition by Zachary Rymer of Bleacher Report. The Yankees are in dire need of a boost right now. He created a ranking of the best places for Bellinger to land, with the Yankees coming in at number three.

“Trade Proposal: Chicago Cubs acquire (Catcher) Agustin Ramirez (Yankees No. 6); New York Yankees acquire (Centre Fielder/First Baseman) Cody Bellinger,” Rymer stated.

“On that alone, the Yankees are a stronger trading partner for the Cubs because they have the fifth-best farm system in Major League Baseball. Furthermore, this deal would give Chicago a short-term fix for a catching position that has produced minus-1.0 rWAR, while Ramirez has risen to Triple-A.

But the Yankees are already looking at a luxury tax fine of almost $61.5 million. While it might not be a deal-breaker, it is likely that they will search for less expensive additions.”

After all of the trade rumours from the previous season, Bellinger appeared to be a near-certainty to sign with the Yankees, but that wasn’t the case. Though New York took a different approach, there were still additional rumours that he would sign a free agent contract and join the team.

Although there has been a shared interest in forming a cooperation, nothing substantial has emerged thus far. This summer, perhaps, they’ll be able to connect at last.