Latest News: Three QB Who Committed to Broncos Battle Over position

The three-way quarterback rivalry will be the main attraction of the Denver Broncos training camp when the studs drop on 23 July.
Based on betting probability, the oddsmakers now believe that rookie first-round pick Bo Nix will start, followed by Zach Wilson and Jarrett Stidham.

The quarterback duel will be the focus of rumors’ and attention as the Broncos relish their six-week summer, which runs from the conclusion of obligatory minicamp to the start of training camp.


Following the obligatory minicamp, Mike Klis of 9NEWS said that, in the opinion of “virtually all media observers,” Stidham had the finest offseason among the three quarterbacks for the Broncos.

Thus, even though the NFL’s customs, common sense, and oddsmakers all point to Nix eventually being named the starter, Klis’ article on Stidham offers an intriguing counterbalance. But what about the coaches and players for the Broncos?

Let’s look at some comments made during the off-season training camp regarding the quarterbacks. Recall that the coaches and players are limited to responding to inquiries from the media. Seldom did the media ask questions that were directly related to Stidham or Wilson.

A phenomenon of draft pedigree, if a player was questioned about a particular quarterback, it was nearly always about Nix. So, a large portion of our analysis today will focus on remarks regarding the rookie selected in the first round.

However, a few generic remarks regarding the trio of quarterbacks were made by the players, and one specifically mentioned Stidham. That being stated, let’s look at what the players had to say, starting with their overall thoughts regarding the trio.


Participants in the Trio

Javonte Williams, RB

Williams declared in June, “I like all of them.” “They all throw the ball differently, and you can tell who’s tossing it to you by stuff like how hard it’s coming down.” Early on, they are all making wise choices, and it will be enjoyable.


OG Quinn Meinerz

According to Meinerz’s June statement, “I would say it’s a similar thing with the centres, where you have three guys that are competing and doing terrific every single day.” Being a part of it, where you have three outstanding quarterbacks and three outstanding centres, is incredibly enjoyable. Everyone is vying for the same position. It should be intriguing to see what occurs at training camp. They are all playing and performing really well, in my opinion.


Josh Reynolds, wide receiver

Reynolds remarked in June, “They’re balling right now.” It’s only been two or three weeks, so I know they’re still learning. Though they are still young, they are already displaying excellent talent.



The three quarterbacks’ overall early results have been favourable, according to the players. The unit’s relative youth and inexperience is undoubtedly a pattern, with Wilson leading the way with 33 NFL starts, Stidham with four starts, and 24-year-old rookie Nix with 61 college starts (an NCAA record).

Reynolds said that the players in question were all “balling,” and he was actually catching passes from them. Williams mentioned how well they make decisions and made a suggestion that he can determine the passer based on the ball’s velocity. That hint has some intriguing ramifications.


Participants on Nix



Stidham remarked in June, “I’ve known Bo since he was 16 or 17 years old.” “Our history is extensive. I had the pleasure of hosting him during his official visit to Auburn back in the day, so I know him and his family very well. Bo and I go back a long way.

WR Courtland Sutton

Sutton declared in June, “Right now, we want to win.” “I believe that because Bo is a young man and someone they greatly elevated, everyone is pulling for him to win because they understand the dynamics of the situation. He can do a lot of things pretty well, in my opinion, and I believe he has the potential to succeed early on. This is not going to take three or four years, in my opinion. I wish to be a part of it if it turns into a three- or four-year dynasty.

Zach Allen, DL

According to Denver Sports’ Andrew Mason, Allen remarked, “Yeah, I think he’s incredibly mature.” “It goes without saying that his behaviour both on and off the pitch is incredibly excellent for a rookie. All you can ask for is that he’s a fantastic player and a terrific guy. It’s early, obviously, and I won’t pretend to be an expert at quarterback play, so I won’t pretend to know what I’m seeing, but there are some passes that are pretty impressive, so I’m excited to see how things work out.”

OLB rookie Jonah Elliss

When Elliss and the Utah Utes faced Nix’s Oregon Ducks, “he got rid of the ball extremely freaking fast.” “We were aware, and despite my best efforts, I was never able to catch up with him. I’m looking forward to seeing him play because I don’t think he will be sacked frequently. He gets rid of the ball really quickly.

WR Devaughn Vele, rookie

Vele remarked in May, “[He’s] a terrific leader and we all look up to him.” “We are aware of the calibre and competitiveness he offers. Right now, we’re all uniting behind him.

rookie RB Blake Watson

In May, Watson remarked, “He’s a fantastic player; he’s a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.” “He excelled while attending Auburn and Oregon universities. Watching what he does this year excites me.



It did not take long for Nix’s fellow novices to gather around him and choose him as their leader. Since guys like Elliss and Vele were Nix’s collegiate rivals, their opinions are somewhat more significant.

Sutton’s remarks are especially promising because, despite not having had a winning season as a professional, he believes that the Broncos will succeed with Nix in “three or four years.” In addition, Sutton praised the rookie for his versatility, saying he could do “a lot of stuff pretty well.”

It makes logical that Nix’s maturity hit Allen. Wilson is starting his fourth NFL season, but he and Nix are of the same age. Nix doesn’t give off the impression of a shifty-eyed rookie lost in a sea of sensory overload, which bodes well for him going forward as a Bronco.

Regarding Stidham’s remarks regarding Nix, he offered no qualitative insights. Rather, Stidham talked about his teenage memories of seeing Nix on the Auburn campus. Perhaps adopting a posture akin to “know your place, little bro.” To kind of put me in my place, my dad still loves to say, “I’ve got shirts that are older than you.”


Participants on Stidham


Adam Trautman, TE

“Trautman stated of Stidham prior to the 2024 NFL draft, ‘I think he has outstanding control of the line of scrimmage.’ “He is incredibly smart. Jarrett is always in there when I’m the last one to leave the building, which is something no one else will see. He usually leaves the last thing each day.”

“Even as the fallback,” Trautman added of Stidham. “That always astounded me. That’s why I said, “All fine, I’m confident,” when he was selected the starting pitcher. since I have witnessed him. Guys respect him when you see him sticking around, and you want to play with and for that. He’s very damn good, in my opinion. With Jarrett, I am confident no matter which way they go.



The night he was drafted, Nix remarked, “I was able to be around him throughout recruitment, but I missed him by a year [at Auburn].” “I hold him in high regard. I spent my final two years of high school getting to watch him. I felt he done a fantastic job restoring Auburn to a place I wanted to visit and be involved with. He accomplished a great deal of that through his play and leadership. Being with him excites me. I am aware of his lengthy history in the NFL and his exceptional talent as a quarterback. He throws the ball pretty good, I know that. All I can recall is that I used to watch him a lot and respected him. Being his teammate excites me.


Trautman’s remarks were made far in advance of the draft, when it was all still unknown to him and the other players that Stidham would end up starting at quarterback for the Broncos. Even if they can be extrapolated as perhaps a general locker room opinion. However, Trautman’s comments show that Stidham’s professionalism in handling the role inspires trust in his colleagues.

Stidham finished the season as Denver’s starter, going 1-1. Even while he didn’t significantly improve the offence, it ran more smoothly and he was a more dependable extension of Payton on the field.

Not only does Stidham have a greater advantage in terms of scheme expertise, but also in terms of having a full year in Payton’s system. It matters that the players have a full year of experience with Stidham, which includes two games of live-bullet action. It remains to be seen if Stidham can use that expertise to his ultimate benefit in this match.


Wilson and Payton

Payton remarked, “We simply thought, ‘Man, we’d love to work with this guy.'” Not very long ago, we recalled giving him a grade. Given his skill set and talent, we believed the investment was worthwhile. Thus, it required some time. Working on that trade took up the best part of a month and a half.

“I enjoy his background,” Payton remarked. He’s obviously played, and his arm strength is rather strong. He’s becoming rather adept at the offensive.


Payton in the Trio

“It’s akin to the orphanage,” Payton stated back in May. “They’re all canines that are orphans. They may have come from a distance, but they’re succeeding. It’s a comfortable room.

Payton stated in late May that Zach had done an excellent job. “Stiddy is undoubtedly the group’s elder statesman and veteran, but he’s still young, so he’s picked up some skills. It is encouraging to have that room.

Davis Webb, the QB coach, on the trio

“Zach has played in numerous systems throughout his career, but [Nix] has a different experience with ‘Stiddy’ being his second year in the offence,” Webb stated last month. “So for a young guy, that’s a fantastic room to have.”

Payton with Nix

“His transgression was heavily discussed. That’s been said a million times. “He had the fastest throws among all college football players.” We understand. We comprehend everything,” Payton said to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. “After excluding all of the quarterbacks’ hurried throws analytically, he was still the best in his class in terms of accuracy, touchdowns, and other recordables. Sacks… the man kicks the ball away. We saw a great deal of stuff repeatedly on tape. Then, we witnessed arm talent down the field. We are currently witnessing it. Thus, these players are limited to running the offensive that they are instructed to run. Projecting, “Can they run this offence?” is our responsibility. We also believe he can.

On Nix, OC Joe Lombardi

“The good news is that there haven’t been many unexpected events,” Lombardi stated in June. “I think this spring has demonstrated what we wanted and thought we saw. Thus, as you get to know him better, you could notice a bit more of a dry sense of humour, but as a player, he’s been true to what we expected and what we witnessed thus far.

Lombardi remarked, “I would say you can feel his 61 games played in college.” “There is a tranquilly that follows experience. Thus, he doesn’t consider himself a novice. He’s learning a whole new system, which is something that all of these people—veterans or newcomers alike—have in common. He has seen a great deal and rarely makes the same error twice. There’s a level of maturity. I believe that you hope that comes with the territory when you choose an older player, but he has definitely demonstrated that.”

Davis regarding Nix

“Bo is a wonderful child. He’s been excellent here,” Davis remarked in June. They’ve all done a fantastic job. They’ve all had excellent days, I believe. Even said, not a single rookie in the league has not experienced some rookie moments. I believe he is developing rather well.


There’s so much more stuff to sort through since, similar to the players, the coaches were asked questions mostly about Nix. The main lesson from the Broncos’ offseason training programme is undoubtedly that Nix has lived up to the hype, according to the coaches.

Hopefully, it is a portent. On July 23, the Broncos training camp will commence, and the story will resume.