Latest News:  Mychal Thompson Disappointing statement  over Klay Signing With Mavs

Klay Thompson had the option to join with the Lakers, a team with which he has a long history, but he choose to sign with the Mavericks instead.

Mychal Thompson, the father of Klay Thompson, is the Showtime Lakers’ two-time NBA champion and radio colour analyst.

Thus, he believed that Klay would be best served by moving to Los Angeles.

“He was a lifelong Laker supporter. Like other players and youngsters his age, he grew up idolising Kobe Bryant, according to Mychal on Sirius XM NBA Radio.Since we had always discussed him playing for the Lakers if he weren’t a Golden State Warrior, I just felt that it was the right time for him to return home. After all, where else would he want to play?

On Monday, Thompson reached an agreement with the Mavericks for a three-year, $50 million contract, ending his historic 13-season tenure with Golden State. To his father’s dismay.

Thompson remarked, “I mean, clearly, it’s Klay’s decision, it’s his life, he’s a grown man, 34 years old.” “Remember when we were 34 years old? Our dads used to give us guidance, but we always made our own decisions. That’s okay; that’s what life is meant to be all about.


But I’m incredibly let down. As you can see, I was really hopeful that he would sign with the Laker team. The Mavs prevailed despite a close contest between the Lakers and the Mavs. However, as you well aware, I was fervently hoping that he would conclude his career with the Lakers.

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Mychal went on, “Yeah, of course I tried to sell him on the Lakers, but I’ll live with it, I accept it, and I’m happy for him that he’s happy with his decision.”

Klay will fit in well with Daniel Gafford, PJ Washington, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic, and the Mavs starting five, as opposed to beginning 14 games off the bench as he did for the Warriors in 2023–24.



How Klay Thompson’s relationship with the Warriors soured

Klay Thompson has led the Golden State Warriors to four championships and an unbeatable dynasty throughout his incredible 13-year tenure. It is difficult to picture him playing for any other team.

And yet, Thompson signed a $50 million, three-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday.

However, how did we go from thinking of a divorce as unimaginable to Thompson and the Warriors as a match made in heaven?

Let’s dissect how this entire situation came to pass.

Of course, money is the main concern here. To put it plainly, the Warriors were hesitant to provide a significant contract to Thompson because he is not close to the player he previously was.

NBA insider Chris Haynes claims that this truly infuriated Thompson.

Before Thompson signed with Dallas, Haynes stated on NBA TV, “I know firsthand that Klay [Thompson] is frustrated in where negotiations have reached to this point, to the fact that he’s looking elsewhere.”

“I think the Warriors are definitely trying to offer him a contract that pays less than $20 million a year.” Does the feeling of disrespect make him want to leave that? It appears that he is.

It’s possible that Thompson didn’t realise his skills were deteriorating or he just thought he should have been paid more for his prior achievements. In each case, the outcome was the same: Klay Thompson was a furious man ready to pack his bags, which is precisely what he did.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, the Warriors intended to move Thompson off the bench if he returned the following season in addition to the financial considerations.

It’s obvious at this point that Thompson would have seen this as just one more kick in the face.

However, there was more going on here. Reporter Jason Dumas of KRON4 News in San Francisco claims that Thompson might be equally as demanding behind the scenes as Draymond Green.

“I am aware that Draymond has been suspended from the court for the past three years due to punching incidents, but Klay has been just as demanding in the background. According to Jason Dumas on 95.7 The Game, it’s not as loud.

Since you’re not pounding on someone’s chest, it’s not as loud. How do you think it is in practice if he is pouting and slamming things on the bench while on the court? What impression do you have of the locker room? Yes, it has been uncomfortable. It simply doesn’t have the same volume as Draymond Green.

Ultimately, Thompson found himself in a fortunate situation with the Mavericks, a squad that had just returned from the Finals. Conversely, the Warriors find themselves in a more challenging situation.


Two second-round picks were all they got in return for Thompson, and they also forfeited Chris Paul for nothing. Multiple reports state that Golden State has shifted its focus to pursuing Lauri Markkanen after failing to acquire Paul George when the Clippers rejected their numerous trade bids.

Should the Warriors fail in their negotiations with Markkanen as well, the upcoming season may prove to be extremely lengthy.


The Top NBA Free Agents Still Available

Many free agents have already agreed to new deals, but there are still some interesting players on the open market.

Let’s examine the top players that are now available.


LeBron James is officially a free agent as he chose to forego the last year of his contract with the Lakers.

However, nobody genuinely believes LeBron is leaving Los Angeles this offseason, especially since the Lakers drafted his son Bronny and hired his friend JJ Redick as head coach.

If signing a high-profile free agent permits the Lakers to sign him, James might even accept a pay reduction, as ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports. DeMar DeRozan is the Lakers’ last viable choice if they hope to make a big statement in free agency this summer after losing out on Klay Thompson.

If not, James is anticipated to agree to the highest three-year, $162 million contract that he is qualified for.


DeMar DeRozan’s time in Chicago is up, as reported by Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun Times.

According to Cowley, DeRozan considered the Bulls’ trade of Josh Giddey for Alex Caruso to be the “final straw.”

The native of Los Angeles, who has long been associated with his home team, will surely find the Lakers to be an enticing alternative.

It will be interesting to see whether the Lakers can close a deal.



Miles Bridges, who entered a plea of not guilty to felony charges of domestic abuse in November 2022, missed the whole 2022–2023 season.

Following his decision to accept his $7.9 million qualifying offer as a restricted free agent, Bridges returned to the floor after missing the first ten games of 2023–24 due to an NBA ban. In other words, he becomes an unrestricted free agency this offseason.

Despite Bridges’ record, the Hornets have never had any trouble hiring him. It will be fascinating to see if any other clubs are hesitant to extend an offer to him.