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Insider for the Giants: “Slander against Daniel Jones is out of control”

Billy Napier


Daniel Jones, the quarterback for the New York Giants, came in last in CBS Sports’ power rankings.NJ Advance Media’s Andrew Mills writes for NJ.com.

Though opinions on Daniel Jones are divided, the Giants have made it clear that they do not intend to select a quarterback in favor of sticking with their starter as he begins his sixth season with the club.

Jones suffered a lot of injuries in 2023, but he was good enough in 2022 to win the club a playoff game and earn a big extension.

A CBS Sports power ranking of starting quarterbacks was created by Cody Benjamin, who emphasizes that it is based more on present position than “the bigger picture.” He ranks Jones at No. 32, last in it, behind quarterbacks who have never played a snap in the NFL. The starting quarterback for the Giants was ranked lower than guys who might not even be given a starting position in 2024.

Reporter Jordan Raanan of ESPN Giants criticized X for his outrageous interpretation.

On Wednesday, Ramaan wrote, “The Daniel Jones slander is out of control.” Two years ago, I played at a top 10 level (sixth in QBR). In 2023, he made four starts from the beginning to the end, and now he ranks lower than every rookie quarterback and backup quarterback in history? It’s ridiculous to think that he’s a total slob. In 2019, he was just three touchdown passes short of the then-rookie record. was sixteen months ago, in a playoff victory, almost flawless. For several reasons, including his terrible play and the fact that he missed the majority of those four starts with Andrew Thomas and Saquon, last season was a complete bust. However, it is incorrect to assume that he is incapable of playing any instrument. The swing of the pendulum has been too great.

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