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2024 NFL Draft sleeper for the Ravens, according to general manager Ricky Pearsall of the 49ers, was revealed.
There were a lot of supporters in the NFL for the 49ers first-round selection.

Author: Rohan Chakravarthi 1:30 p.m. PDT on May 8, 2024 54 Remarks / 54 Fresh
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Matt Pendleton/USA TODAY NETWORK/Gainesville Sun
The selection of Florida Gators wide receiver Ricky Pearsall by the San Francisco 49ers as the 31st overall choice in the 2024 NFL Draft startled a lot of people. A number of draft analysts regarded the wideout as a mid-round pick.

But as the post-draft process progressed, a lot of people commended the 49ers choices, who appeared to have a larger fan base within the league than the media. Within the collective? Eric DeCosta, general manager of the Baltimore Ravens.

DeCosta identified Pearsall as one of the sleepers in the 2024 NFL Draft, saying he expected the Florida wide receiver to be available to the Ravens “at some point.”

He eventually chose to go late in the first round, which DeCosta praised as a “great pick.”

“It was a wise choice. Regarding the decision, DeCosta remarked, “I give those guys a lot of credit.” “I believed [Pearsall] was a player we could potentially acquire who could be a sleeper for us at some point.” In all honesty, he wasn’t a very popular name. However, that other guy is a really good player on tape when you watch him play.

At No. 30, the Ravens selected Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins with their first-round selection. In the fourth round, they made their first selection, selecting wide receiver Tez Walker of North Carolina with the No. 113 pick.

Pearsall was the sixth receiver selected in the 2024 NFL Draft, behind Marvin Harrison of Ohio State (taken No. 4 by the Arizona Cardinals), Malik Nabers of LSU (taken No. 6 by the New York Giants), Rome Odunze of Washington (taken No. 9 by the Chicago Bears), Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU (taken No. 23 by the Jacksonville Jaguars), and Xavier Worthy of Texas (taken No. 28 by the Kansas City Chiefs).

The 49ers continued their winning streak at wide receiver by selecting the Florida wideout at No. 31, defeating the Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, and New England Patriots, who all selected receivers over the next six picks, to Pearsall.

Here is my in-depth analysis on Pearsall’s draft night selection and his potential long-term fit with the 49ers.

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