SAD News: checo pérez Red Bull Driver had a terrible car accident that led to….….

After a lengthy partnership, Checo Perez of Red Bull announces a sad breakup. Because of…


The tragic breakup of Formula One legend Fernando Alonso with his longtime partner

A day after securing his third podium position of the year, Fernando Alonso revealed some depressing details regarding his personal life.

Fernando Alonso, a legend in Formula One, has announced his divorce from longtime partner Andrea Schlager.

Shortly after finishing on the podium at the Prix on Sunday, the Spaniard announced the news on Instagram.

“We wanted to tell you that our relationship as a couple terminated,” he wrote in a statement.

We’ve had the good fortune to spend wonderful times together, and we shall continue to do so, but with a new kind of love.

We have been working together on a number of projects, both on and off track, as you have undoubtedly noticed, and we will continue to do so out of a great love and respect for one another.

We felt that since you have all been so supportive, it was okay to share this. I’m grateful for that. Love, Fer, and Andrea.

Through her F1 responsibilities, Schlager—a well-known sports commentator—met Alonso. She is well recognized for her work in MotoGP and F1.

For the most part, the couple had a private relationship before separating.

With his new club, Aston Martin, Alonso is currently having a very good Formula One season.

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