BREAKING NEWS: Chris Ballard Indianapolis Colts GM Announced that QB Anthony Richardson is no Longer….

Chris Ballard Indianapolis Colts GM Announced that QB Anthony Richardson is no Longer


Adonai Mitchell of the Indianapolis Colts answers a pre-draft query, and Texas HC addresses an online character assassination.

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Revision: May 11, 2024 Adonai Mitchell, rookie for the Indianapolis ColtsJay Janner/American-Statesman / USA is credited NETWORK TODAY
Adonai Mitchell, a former wide receiver for the Texas Longhorns, was selected in the 2024 NFL Draft after it was revealed by unnamed sources that he was “abrasive” and that he didn’t take his Type 1 diabetes diagnosis properly. Those anonymous claims didn’t deter the Indianapolis Colts, and it appears they might not even be a problem.

Ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft, unidentified scouts informed Go Long’s NFL writer Bob McGinn that Mitchell’s “abrasive” nature made him a boom-or-bust potential. One said Mitchell was “almost uncoachable,” implying that he should be continuously watched over because he gets “rude” when his blood sugar is out of control.

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When his blood sugar is low, he exhibits rudeness, abrasiveness, and lack of focus during meetings. That explains why complaints about extremely, truly shitty characters come from Texas and Georgia.

Anonymous scout for wide receiver Adonai Mitchell of the Indianapolis Colts
Mitchell “doesn’t address the diabetic stuff in a mature way,” according to a scout who made anonymous criticism of the former Longhorns star, who also implied that he would only do things his way.

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Following his selection of Mitchell with the 52nd overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, Colts general manager Chris Ballard called out scouts and league executives who utilized anonymity to disparage young men, calling out the “bullsh—” that was thrown out there.

“These young lads are 21 or 22 years old. And are there folks out there who can tell me that their lives are flawless? It’s absurd. It is garbage. This child is decent. And it’s bullshit for those reports to surface.

Chris Ballard, general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, on Adonai Mitchell’s anonymous criticisms (H/T ESPN)
Although Mitchell didn’t seem to be too bothered by the criticism, it is said that the 21-year-old has already started making adjustments in his life to deal with his Type 1 diabetes.

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