BREAKING NEWS: Pat Roessler head coach of new york yankees announced his departure due to….

Pat Roessler head coach of new york yankees announced his departure


Juan Soto is feeling more at home with the Yankees thanks to a familiar coach.
Written by Brendan Kuty
April 12, 2024


NEW YORK It was one of the few instances in Juan Soto’s career where he experienced uncertainty.

Soto had a close relationship with Kevin Long, the hitting coach of the Washington Nationals, as a rising star. Long assisted Soto in developing into one of the top young hitters in the game when he made his debut in 2018. However, Soto lost his mentor when Long left the Nationals to join the Philadelphia Phillies following the 2021 campaign.

“It was difficult to find another guy after Kevin Long left because he was so nice to me,” Soto remarked this week in the New York Yankees clubhouse.

Fortunately for Soto, though, assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler was there to cushion the impact.

To help Soto in what they hope will be the first of many seasons in The Bronx, the Yankees were fortunate enough to add Roessler as their assistant hitting coach this offseason.

“He’s been really helpful to me,” Soto remarked.

But according to Roessler, Soto merits all the recognition.

Roessler said, “He’s great.” It’s a pleasure working with him.

The 64-year-old Roessler’s baseball coaching career started at Old Dominion University in 1983. The Yankees were eager to add Roessler to their staff in the winter, when James Rowson was to take over as the team’s primary hitting instructor.

Born in Phoenix, Roessler began his professional career in 1988 with the Chicago White Sox. He currently works as the main big-league hitting coach for the New York Mets and Montreal Expos. He has also served as the Pittsburgh Pirates’ and Houston Astros’ minor-league hitting instructor.

However, Rowson’s most intimate knowledge of Roessler came from their mutual tenure in the Yankees organization. Rowson coordinated hitting for the team in the minor leagues for two spells (2008–2011 and 2014–2016), while Roessler held several positions with the team, including director of player development.

Star Aaron Judge expressed his excitement about having Rowson and Roessler as coaches during spring training, stating that they “have been around the game for a while” and offer “a different type of energy, a different perspective.” Additionally, Roessler worked as a player development advisor for the Yankees in 2019.

Furthermore, Roessler in particular has a long history with Soto. As an assistant coach in 2020, Roessler remained with the Nationals’ hitting staff after Long was fired and Darnell Coles took over as head coach. Coles continues to work for Washington in that capacity.

However, Soto and Roessler shared a bond.

“He has been there,” Soto remarked. “He grinds everything down. He is a traditional man. Everything I do seems to be based on archaic mechanics. It seems like we are in agreement. genuinely thrilled for him.

According to Soto, the two became even closer after Long left Washington. According to Soto, Roessler taught him “how to focus on being myself.”

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