Anthony Gargano Goes Digital: PHLY’s Future Shines Bright After Legal Battle with The Fanatic

After a protracted legal battle with Beasley Media Group’s 97.5 The Fanatic station, longtime Philadelphia sports presenter Anthony Gargano is finally settling in at All City Network’s PHLY affiliate. With his move to PHLY, Gargano went digital with his solo radio show.

He now assists in running the outlet, which he predicts will turn a profit as early as next month.

In a Barrett Sports Media profile, Gargano offered some upbeat updates regarding PHLY’s future while also expressing his displeasure with The Fanatic and Beasley.

Gargano started working as a manager at PHLY prior to All City and Beasley reaching a settlement in January. Gargano stated that, with over 20 active advertising partners in the market, he anticipates PHLY turning a profit this summer.

By football season, Gargano also disclosed that PHLY and other All City outlets would introduce free, ad-supported television (FAST) streaming channels on over-the-top platforms.

The local Philadelphia Fox station, FAST, already streams The Anthony Gargano Show, which is produced by PHLY.

Gargano specifically emphasized that PHLY and other All City stores need low overhead costs in order to become profitable rapidly. Since PHLY debuted in the autumn, they had less than a year to turn a profit.In November of last year, All City secured $9.4 million in Series A funding.

Gargano co-hosted the All NFL Podcast with Brian Baldinger, contributing to the network’s national coverage drive.

Regarding The Fanatic, Gargano is obviously bitter about his previous employer.

You can argue that WIP made me, which they did, but if you don’t do it yourself, you’re not going to stay long,” Gargano said to BSM’s Derek Futterman. “First of all, I helped The Fanatic more than The Fanatic helped me.

Gargano, who left WIP in 2015 to join The Fanatic, said he is eager to join PHLY in order to increase his coverage, take on more responsibility, and create a long-term career in contemporary media.

“WIP has always been about the Eagles and football, even if it’s home to the Phillies and they produce some great Phillies material,” Gargano said to BSM.

“I believe that’s kind of the difference between the two, the Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies; there was more diversity in the conversation.

All City began as a BSN Denver offshoot and now has four locations across the United States. Despite starting after DNVR, PHNX, and CHGO, PHLY seems to have expanded the fastest.

Gargano’s live daily broadcast is one of the more consistently popular programs at PHLY, with several thousand people each day.