Breaking News: Maple Leafs Aquire Another defenseman in a Trade

In order to close up the draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs made a minor trade for Chris Tanev with the Dallas Stars.

Chris Tanev was acquired by the Toronto Maple Leafs from the Dallas Stars.

During the first round of the NHL Entry Draft on Friday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs were silent, but on Saturday they made a significant move.

The Leafs made three deals during the draft overall.

They started by trading down with the Ducks from 23 to 31 in order to obtain a second round pick, which they later flipped to Florida in exchange for a seventh round pick this year and a second round pick the following year.

The defenseman Chris Tanev was subsequently acquired by the Leafs from the Dallas Stars using that additional choice and prospect Max Ellis.


The Chris Tanev Trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs

Tanev is a right-handed defenceman who is 34 years old. At the trade deadline this year, he was sent from Calgary to Dallas.

His primary strength as a two-way defenseman is goal prevention. He is an exceptional player. In contrast to most defensive-defensemen (such as Joel Edmundson or Ilya Lyubushkin), Tanev is an excellent player who clearly benefits his side.

As things stand, he is a top pairing defenseman and might be the finest Morgan Rielly partner the Leafs have ever had. To be fair, TJ Brodie was essentially elite at one point, so Tanev may not necessarily outperform him at 35.

Because of the salary cap, there is a comparatively significant risk here, assuming the Leafs suddenly sign him to a big contract, but there are also big rewards.

The Leafs stand a much better chance of winning the Stanley Cup the next season if Tanev proves to be a legitimate top-pairing defenseman, even for a single season. If he manages to age well, he might be a huge asset who benefits the Leafs in the long run.

Perhaps with him leading the back end, the Leafs win numerous Stanley Cups and he matures like Zdeno Chara. You should doubt it, but it’s still possible.

Tanev’s exceptional intelligence makes him a fantastic writer. Age brings a reduction in both speed and offensive skill, but if a player is accustomed to winning without speed and their contributions weren’t offensive in the first place, it makes sense that they might be worth the gamble as they get older.

The Leafs blue-line just became a lot better, assuming Tanev signs. Tanev, Rielly, McCabe, and Liljegren are all far better than average top four players, and it’s obvious that the Leafs aren’t going to give up now. Still, they could use a number one or at least someone who could improve into one.