Breaking News: Brandon Hyde Manager Of Baltimore orioles Just Announced His Departure Due To…

Pedro Grifol’s tenure as White Sox manager is nearing its end, with the only uncertainty being the timing of his departure.

In April 1999, after a tough loss, Baltimore Orioles manager Ray Miller sharply criticized his players, indicating his imminent dismissal. Similarly, Grifol’s harsh remarks about his team’s effort after a May 26 loss to the Orioles, although less intense than Miller’s, suggest a similar fate.

Regardless of his comments, Grifol’s position was already precarious due to the White Sox’s poor record and the fact that new GM Chris Getz inherited him from the previous regime. All signs point to an impending managerial change.

Miller managed to finish the 1999 season despite recommendations for his firing. Grifol might also stay on a bit longer, even as the White Sox’s losing streak extended to 12 games with a recent loss to the Cubs.

Getz’s patience with Grifol will likely be tested later in the season when top prospects are ready for promotion. He’ll need to decide if players like Colson Montgomery, Edgar Quero, and Drew Thorpe can thrive under Grifol’s leadership or if a change is needed for the team’s overall benefit.

Ultimately, the decision may rest with owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who has the final say in all major decisions for the White Sox.

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