Steelers’ QB Shuffle: Justin Fields’ Journey to the Starting Spot as New Rivals Emerge

Steelers Insider Makes Bold Claim With QB Justin Fields

Even though mandatory minicamp hasn’t begun, one of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ greatest national talking points thus far is when quarterback Justin Fields might take Russell Wilson’s spot as the starting quarterback.

Mark Kaboly of The Athletic did not discount Fields’ potential 2024 start date. However, he made it clear that it wouldn’t happen in Week 1.

On May 30, Kaboly stated that Fields had a “zero” chance of unseating Wilson for the starting position prior to the start of the regular season when speaking on 97.1 The Fan.


It just doesn’t seem like there would be enough time. You introduce a man and instruct him in an offense. You’re attempting to prepare Russell Wilson. Kaboly stated, “I’m not concerned about Justin Fields coming in here and attempting to beat this man. “I don’t think he has enough time to demonstrate his superiority over him.

“Russell Wilson is wanted here for a purpose that goes beyond his position as quarterback. Being a leader is it.

During his two years with the Denver Broncos, Wilson’s leadership was questioned by pundits. Wilson, though, has played in the NFL for 12 years and has been to eight postseason games. In addition, he guided the Seattle Seahawks to another Super Bowl berth and a championship.

Fields began her career three years ago. He was a very skilled player, but he wasn’t particularly successful with the Chicago Bears.

Justin Fields is likened to Ben Roethlisberger by Mark Kaboly and Mark Malone

Fields’ time with the Bears was tainted with inconsistent play. He had a lot of poor points mixed in with one of the league’s top highlight reels.

Those low points were frequently grave errors. In 40 games with Chicago, Fields took 135 sacks, fumbled 38 times, and threw 30 interceptions.

In their offseason practices, the Steelers have not yet donned their pads. However, Kaboly hinted that Fields’ early career with the Steelers resembled his time with the Bears.

Kaboly remarked, “He looks like Mark Malone out there, and he looks like Ben Roethlisberger out there sometimes.” “He still needs to put in some work. The talent is evident. He’s by far the most physically fit individual in the world. In this situation, he merely makes everyone seem foolish.

But consistency is key, and that was the problem in Chicago.

The talent of Ben Roethlisberger does not need to be reiterated to the Steelers. The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback ranks eighth in throwing touchdowns and fifth in passing yards all time.

But only Steelers supporters who are older might recall Mark Malone. After Terry Bradshaw retired, Malone took over and guided Pittsburgh to the 1984–85 AFC title game. However, he failed to earn a winning record during the following three seasons and had difficulty reaching completion percentages much above 50%.

Malone completed 12 games in 1987 with 6 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

Fields may succeed without being a quarterback inducted into the Hall of Fame. He must, however, delete when he makes a play that one of the league’s worst signal callers would make.


Is Fields going to be Taysom Hill’s next?

Fields has been the subject of a lot of discussion in the last month. Most importantly, Fields’ special teams unit might return kickoffs, according to running back Jaylen Warren.

The quarterback scoffed at that notion. However, a fresh possibility has emerged. Is Fields a potential replacement for Kordell Stewart rather than Malone or Roethlisberger in a Taysom Hill-style role for the Steelers?

Wilson found the concept appealing.

Tim Benz of TribLive.com reports that Wilson told reporters during OTAs, “Justin is definitely one of the most gifted guys in the NFL.” You are aware of all of his abilities. The quarterback that he is, the player. He is animated. Our victory is everything. That is the main objective.

“It would definitely strike dread in some defenses,” the speaker said.

According to Fields, the organization has not yet developed a practice package that uses him in a role similar to that of a Hill. The quarterback, though, is not opposed to the idea.

Fields declared, “I’ll be ready when my name is called.”

In any role.

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