Confirm Retirement: MLB legend announces retirement following…

Angel Hernandez has retired!!! : r/mlb

His final game behind home plate was on Thursday, May 9, when the Chicago White Sox defeated the Cleveland Guardians 3-2. He is sixty-two years old. Chicago, Illinois’s Guaranteed Rate Field, hosted that game.

Because of Hernandez’s and other umpires’ poor performances behind home plate, many baseball fans have been pushing for robot umpires.

On Monday night, when this news broke, not a single depressed individual could be found on social media. Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers and other Major League Baseball teams had some fascinating things to say about him formally retiring from the game:

Undoubtedly, Angel Hernandez was the worst umpire in history. But without him, we would not have had this amusing exchange, and I will always be appreciative of it.

I sincerely appreciate your help, Ángel Hernández.

I couldn’t have asked for better stuff than what you provided.

I wasn’t worthy of you.

King, enjoy your retirement.

These Twitter postings also contained a great deal of sarcasm. When Hernandez’s numerous poor decisions trended on Twitter, it was always a fun time to be a baseball fan. Managers and players would frequently disagree over his decisions, and who can really hold those players accountable for his horrible calls behind home plate?

For the remainder of the 2024 season and for years to come, supporters of the Milwaukee Brewers and other MLB teams will have to find another umpire to begrudging.

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