SAD NEWS: As Stefanos Tsitsipas decided to Quit due to….

As Stefanos Tsitsipas decided to Quit due to….

Stefanos Tsitsipas opens up on injury battle which threatens to derail  United Cup, Aus Open preparations | Herald Sun


It’s a “symbiosis of body, mind, and soul, all joined at the perfect place at the appropriate moment,” according to tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas, who has advanced to several semifinals and finals. He is searching for the enigmatic component that separates a great player from the victor of the grand slam. Tsitsipas has reached three other semifinals in the French and Australian Opens but has fallen to Novak Djokovic three times in major slam finals.

He took the opening two sets in Paris in 2021 before Djokovic gave it his best on the court. Had Tsitsipas defeated Djokovic in the Australian Open final the year before, he would have been ranked number one in the world. Rather, he suffered defeat in two tie-breaks and a straight-sets match. After that, he battled injuries for the remainder of the season, which caused him to fall to sixth place in the standings.

Tsitsipas declares, “I have talents and I know how to strike the ball,” with a winning understatement. The secret has already been solved because my body can tolerate long matches. I have to start the next major chapter in my head if I want to give myself seven straight victories [to win a slam]. How can I consistently defeat elite athletes? During a tournament, maybe three or four, not just one. After I figure it out, things will come together organically.

When I ask Tsitsipas if his beliefs remain the same as they were in 2023, he nods thoughtfully. “Yes, without a doubt,” he responds, beaming widely. “I developed slowly.”

This clever joke bursts the bubble of expectation that has engulfed Tsitsipas since he emerged as the top junior player in the world and headed the anticipated new generation of youthful superstars that were expected to take the place of Rafael Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer. Jannik Sinner, 22, who is currently ranked fourth in the world, and Carlos Alcaraz, 20, who is still only 20 and finished second behind Djokovic, have now taken up that job.

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