Breaking News: Racer Kevin Magnussen just signed his resignation papers after it was confirmed that…..


During his eventful weekend in Miami, the Dane was involved in incidents in both the sprint and the grand prix.

The two penalty points he received for colliding with Logan Sargeant during the race brought him to a total of 10 points on his license, which puts him only two points shy of an eventual racing ban.

He will be the first driver to break the totting-up procedure if he achieves the target and earns any further points throughout the campaign.

Surprisingly, Magnussen’s record was spotless prior to the 2024 season because all of his victories since his controversial driving at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix—during which he collided with Alex Albon—have been earned.

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His original point accumulation won’t be eliminated until March 9, 2025, the week before the Australian racing season starts, since a driver’s license point accumulation lasts for an entire year.

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