URGENCY: As Novak Djokovic Decided to Quit Due to…

URGENT: Novak Djokovic Made the Decision to Resign Because of…

Novak Djokovic talked about his inner conflict, which pits his drive for success against his wish to be with his family more.During his address, Novak Djokovic talked about the conflict he had within him between wanting to succeed and wanting to spend more time with his family.

Having started his tennis career in Kopaonik, Serbia, four-year-old Novak is still bursting at the seams for more, deeply in love with the game. Right? There are other things in life, Djokovic told Kyrgios, but there’s also probably this elder Novak, a father and spouse, who’s like, “Come on, man.”


“Novak, who started playing tennis at the age of four in Kopaonik, Serbia, is still incredibly passionate about the sport and has an unquenchable thirst for more.” True? There are other facets of life besides tennis, Djokovic told Kyrgios, adding that Novak is probably a more mature spouse and father who is like, “Come on, man.”

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