Breaking News: Garrett Nussmeier LSU Tigers QB Just Announced His Departure Due To……

Garrett Nussmeier LSU Tigers QB Just Announced His Departure


Harold Perkins and Garrett Nussmeier will both appear in the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25.

Documents obtained by The Advocate show that Garrett Nussmeier, the quarterback for LSU, chose to participate in the upcoming NCAA football game. IMAGE CREDIT: LSU Athletics


It has taken more than ten years for fans of the EA Sports College Football video game franchise to obtain a new title, but the wait is almost over.


On July 19, the next installment in the franchise will be released, and this time, it will feature the biggest names in college football. Previously, the players weren’t really a part of the game. Rather than scoring a long touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr., the ball would have been caught by a highly regarded receiver wearing No. 3 and whose name was chosen at random.

In EA Sports College Football 25, players from all 134 FBS teams have the opportunity to have their name, image, and likeness used. Those who choose to participate received a copy of the game and $600. In the game, every roster will contain 85 players.

The majority of LSU’s squad will be playable in the future iteration, according to The Advocate. Prominent figures such as Will Campbell, Emery Jones, Mason Taylor, Harold Perkins, Garrett Nussmeier, and Kaleb Jackson have chosen to participate.

However, some players choose not to participate. The spreadsheet that The Advocate was able to access does not include Kyren Lacy, Bradyn Swinson, Zy Alexander, Aaron Anderson, Jardin Gilbert, Kylin Jackson, Jalen Lee, or Ashton Stamps.

38 athletes from LSU’s roster declined to participate overall. However, fifteen of those players are freshmen or transfers who weren’t even on the squad when the rumored opt-in deadline of April 30 arrived. Later roster changes may include the addition of those players.

The next update will also include an improvement for LSU’s stadium. The franchise’s previous game was released prior to the completion of the upgrades that increased the stadium’s capacity to over 100,000.

Twelve SEC titles and four national championships have been added to the Tigers’ scoreboard in the north end zone. Although it hasn’t been confirmed that they would appear in the game, LSU also submitted the 100th anniversary logos that it plans to utilize for the next campaign.

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