Breaking News: Angel Reese Chicago Sky Star Player Just Announced His Departure Due To…

Angel Reese Chicago Sky Star Player Just Announced His Departure


In the earliest days of her WNBA career, Sky forward Angel Reese continues to stand out for her character, her charisma, and her ability to haul in rebounds at an elite level. Reese is already a key part of Chicago‘s future and plans to be around women’s basketball for a long, long time to come.

These days, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the ambitious Reese, and that certainly includes the NBA — which is hopping on board to leverage this exciting new chapter in women’s basketball. The NBA’s new “The Toast” commercials are part of the league’s marketing effort for the 2024 NBA Finals, which begin next month. Behind the scenes of “The Toast,” Reese recently had the chance to hold some NBA silverware and describe what the Association‘s championship trophy evokes in her.

Reese: The Larry O’Brien makes me think of Kobe

In a new video posted on the Larry O’Brien Trophy‘s official X/Twitter account, Reese had some face time with the NBA Finals trophy and said that holding it made her think of late Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant — a hero for many current players who grew up during the 2000s.

“When I hold Larry it reminds me of Kobe Bryant, of Kobe and Shaq playing together and winning championships together,” Reese explained. “It’s so cool being able to see my reflection and all the great teams and great players who have played on those great teams.”

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