SAD NEWS: Lexi Thompson Revealed Her intention to step down as a golfer due to…..

Lexi Thompson Revealed Her intention to step down as a golfer


Although Cobra currently has three major winners on their roster, Thompson’s actions may have prevented them from having any at all.

Thompson continues to support the Cobra RadSpeed as her preferred driver off the tee.

With its traditional 460cc engine and 28g of forward-biased radial loading, the Cobra RadSpeed Driver produces the fastest ball spin that Cobra has ever produced in an ultra-low spin driver.

With the use of weighting technology, a club with exceptional forgiveness, ball speed, and ultra-low spin may be achieved with perfection. She mounts the 2021 Cobra RadSpeed driver with an ultra-stiff Fujikura Ventus Black 6X shaft at an angle of eight degrees.

Thompson has a unique 12-gram weight towards the front of the sole and a 2-gram weight towards the back, which shifts the centre of gravity forward and helps reduce her spin even further.

Thompson is not the kind of golfer who buys new gear just because it is new. She doesn’t stray from what suits her.Thompson allegedly uses Thompson’s Cobra King LTD fairway wood for her, having done so since the club opened to the public in 2015.

She is still among the LPGA Tour’s most potent players and can get away with using a Cobra King Tec Utility 2-iron. In this instance, since the club was only founded this year (2023), she has adapted to a new piece of equipment rather rapidly.

But strangely enough, she has had her Cobra S2 Forged irons in her bag since 2009. Compared to contemporary forged cavity back irons, Thompson’s S2 Forged irons have slightly wider soles and larger toplines with a bit more offset. In general, Thompson’s irons are meant to be a tad more forgiving than a Tour CB at this time.

She usually alternates between carrying a 5-iron in her bag and utilizing four wedges.

“I play with five wedges, so when I play, I usually have to take out my 5-iron or a wedge,” Thompson explained.

Thompson makes use of a prototype Scotty Cameron GoLo N5 mallet putter, which is pink and black. The putter has a customized knuckle-neck hosel to help attain a little different toe hang for her preferred feel and stroke.

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