SAD NEWS: Jannik Sinner Tennis Legend is Gone…

Jannik Sinner Tennis Legend is Gone…


What has to happen at the French Open for Jannik Sinner to surpass Novak Djokovic as the top player in the world? Sinner has the opportunity to make history by becoming the first Italian man to top the ATP world rankings at the second Grand Slam of the season. Before the competition, which begins on Sunday, May 26, live on Eurosport and discovery+, Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are both dealing with injury concerns.


“As if a new player had stepped into my shoes” is how Djokovic describes his shocking Rome defeat.

There will be a new ATP world No. 1 when the 2024 French Open begins—at least according to the live rankings.
Defending champion Novak Djokovic’s 2,000 points will be lost, and Jannik Sinner will enter the Grand Slam as the temporary new No. 1.
Sinner has a great chance to become the first Italian men’s world No. 1 after Djokovic’s early withdrawal from the Italian Open, which was anticipated to put him in a superior position going into the competition.
Roddick expressed greater concern over Djokovic’s form than he had “in 15 years.”Roddick expressed greater concern over Djokovic’s form than he had “in 15 years.”

What then has Sinner to accomplish in order to take the top spot? And how on earth was Djokovic able to hang onto it? We go over every possible combination.
Djokovic had the opportunity to widen his advantage at the top of the rankings when Sinner and Alcaraz were both sidelined by injuries at the Italian Open.
Having made it to the quarterfinals of the previous year, Djokovic, who has held the top spot in the rankings for a record 425 weeks, had 180 points going into the ATP Masters tournament. Reaching the semifinals or final would have given him more points.
However, he has lost points instead of winning after his shocking third-round defeat against Alejandro Tabilo.
Djokovic will have “medical check-ups” following his shocking departure from Rome.
After losing in straight sets, Osaka leaves Rome, and protesters interrupt two games
Djokovic will have 9,860 ranking points at the end of the Italian Open, followed by Sinner on 8,770 and Alcaraz on 7,300.
As the defending champion, Djokovic will be down 2,000 points by the time the French Open begins, bringing his total score down to 7,860 points. After losing in the second round of the previous year, Sinner is only lost 45 points in Paris, and as a result, he will begin the event with an 865-point advantage over Djokovic according to the live rankings.
Alcaraz will have 6,580 points because he needs to defend semi-final points against a

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