BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Magnussen recently declared that he would shortly be retiring due to…

Ten penalty points are earned by Magnussen, who says, “It’s been valuable to us.”




As he approaches a race ban, Kevin Magnussen has questioned whether penalty points should be given for specific infractions on the track. Magnussen will have to sit out the 2024 Formula 1 season if he receives two more penalty points because he has crossed the barrier.




Magnussen’s last driving encounter in Miami drew criticism. By driving off the circuit, the Dane hindered Lewis Hamilton’s progress and acknowledged that he did all it could to improve his teammate’s chances of finishing in the points. Magnussen acknowledges that he will be more cautious going forward, but he still thinks it was worthwhile.

“Race banning is coming next. These circumstances where I’ve had to assist my teammate have been beneficial. That’s why it’s been somewhat useful to us. The current rules are not to my liking. I believe that certain things need to be examined. Prior to the Imola Grand Prix, Magnussen stated, “And for myself, I’m on 10 points, so I have to be careful not to get a race ban.”

Track limitations

Track limitations are a topic of great discussion in Formula 1. Penalty points, in the opinion of the Haas driver, should not be awarded for breaking this regulation.”The possibility of receiving a race ban for veering beyond certain white lines on a patch of asphalt…Magnussen went on, “I don’t know if that is right, but that is the way the rules are,” before implying that the guidelines should be altered.

“There are more races now than there were back when they were introduced, and I feel you can end up getting a race ban effectively for a very minor thing,” he said.

Drivers will be banned from racing if they accrue 12 penalty points. Points are valid for a full year on the license. Less than 20 races were held per season when the system was first implemented. Twenty-four circuits will host Formula 1 races in 2024.

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