BREAKING NEWS: Lewis Hamilton F1 Driver Just Announced His Departure Due To……

Vasseur anticipates a seamless transfer for Leclerc and Hamilton © Reuters
Frederic Vasseur is confident that Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, will get along well when Leclerc joins Ferrari in 2025.
In an interview with La Repubblica, the Ferrari CEO said that choosing Carlos Sainz’s replacement was “not easy,” noting that the Spaniard and Leclerc are “very competitive” colleagues.

“I have to calm them down every two races, but they respect the team,” said Vasseur.

That being said, he came to the conclusion that Ferrari needed “fresh blood” as they got ready to take on Red Bull’s hegemony.

The Frenchman clarified, “I know his professionalism, even though our drivers already possess it.” “But Lewis has a different vision of things and we can benefit from that.”

He is the most skilled driver on the grid and the most skilled for victory, along with Fernando Alonso. However, he will bring his expertise from outside the automobile regarding how to approach the weekend in order to succeed. That will propel us ahead quite a bit.”

“In any event, we need to keep in mind that we are currently examining the specifics. Every little thing or unique contribution counts.”

Vasseur did, however, appear to play down the mounting speculation that Adrian Newey would soon be relocating to Maranello.

“With his experience and achievement, Adrian is the benchmark for all of Formula 1,” stated Vasseur. “He’s probably the one with the most experience.”

However, I have far greater faith in the team than in any one person. Knowing one’s place in the system and how it benefits the entire team is a necessary component of success.”

“I will always be the one who will insist on the importance of this idea.”

However, Vasseur has already signed Hamilton and two other important Mercedes appointments, engineer Loic Serra and new deputy boss Jerome d’Ambrosio.

He maintains that his bond with Toto Wolff has not been impacted by this.

“No, that’s not abnormal at all,” Vasseur chuckled. “When I came to Formula 1 ten years ago, we both understood that in some situations we would inevitably become competitors, and that such a moment would come.”

“But it is also true that until now we have never been direct rivals,” he stated. “We participated for the first time last year, but we’ve always made an effort to keep our personal and professional lives apart. Even though it’s not always simple in our sport.”

Vasseur thinks Hamilton and Leclerc will get along just fine.

“I never ask my drivers to be best friends or to go on vacation together,” he stated. “I myself don’t do this with my colleagues.”

“All you need is an open and respectful connection, which I believe they already possess. They’ve only been dating for two months, but during this time it’s still very much like a honeymoon.”

However, I would say that everything is going well so far. The sky is clear of clouds.”

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