BREAKING NEWS: Jayden Daniels Washington Commanders QB Just Announced His Departure Due To….

Jayden Daniels Washington Commanders QB Just Announced His Departure



Va. Coach Ron Rivera announced on Friday that Sam Howell will start the Washington Commanders’ season opener at quarterback, ending a one-sided competition for the position.

Since the start of spring practices, Howell has solely worked with the starters. All but a few of the starting reps have been taken by him; before the Cleveland Browns preseason game, he was replaced for a few snaps by offseason addition Jacoby Brissett.

It’s quite meaningful, Howell stated. But I have a ton of work ahead of me. This is just the start.”

On September 10, the Washington team opens the season against the Arizona Cardinals.

Rivera reported that he had a meeting on Thursday to talk about the matter with Tavita Pritchard, the quarterbacks coach, and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. This was the correct thing to do, and they all agreed.

Rivera stated, “This was about what Sam did.” “Jacoby has been an absolute pro, fulfilling all requests and serving as Sam’s mentor. He’s a quarterback who is more than capable. However, Sam had some things to demonstrate to us, and from my point of view, everyone understood that Sam was the one to lose them and that he did nothing to forfeit them.”


Howell never took any action to let go of his hold on the position. Against the Browns, he completed 9 of 12 passes for 77 yards and a touchdown. His performance on the first day of the two-day combined practice session versus the Baltimore Ravens was “really, really good,” according to a source. Although Howell was not as observant on the second day, the commanders were nonetheless pleased with what they witnessed.

Regarding Howell’s camp, Rivera remarked, “This is what I was anticipating.” “It’s what we all were looking for.”

This past week was cited by Rivera as being very significant for Howell in terms of his growth. When asked what Howell needed to accomplish to be selected for the starting lineup after the second day, Rivera responded, “Continue what he has shown.”

“I wasn’t worried about anyone else’s expectations except for my own,” stated Howell. “I have very high standards for myself.”

Howell and the offense will be well-tested by the Ravens, whose defense ranked in the top ten last season.

When it came to needing to demonstrate to us what he was capable of, Rivera stated, “That was the high water mark for me after the first practice.” It was an excellent day. ‘That’s what I wanted to see,’ I kept telling myself while I watched the tape. I can thus declare with confidence and comfort that Sam is our guy. There’s still going to be growth. He’ll keep getting better. We think so.”

The commanders appreciate Howell’s increased footwork on pass drops and handoffs, as well as his decisiveness, especially when navigating progressions and identifying an open target. His decision-making is liked by them. They claim that with additional experience, he may improve on other parts of his game, such as his efficiency in the red zone.

“The biggest thing I’m really pleased about has been his decision-making; that has been a big plus,” Rivera remarked on Wednesday.

Howell was selected by Washington in the fifth round of the 2022 draft, despite the fact that a team source claimed before the draft that the Commanders would have chosen him in the second or third round if they hadn’t acquired Carson Wentz in the offseason. They struck in the fifth year while Howell, who had begun for three years at North Carolina, was still there.

Early in the season, he was Wentz’s backup quarterback and Taylor Heinicke’s No. 3 pick. In Week 6 against the Chicago Bears, Wentz suffered a broken finger, which led to Howell being moved up to the starting backup position. As a result, he had more practice facing the scout team. Up until Wentz’s return in Week 15, he continued in that capacity.

But two weeks later, Washington began Howell in the season finale after being knocked out of the running for the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys, who started their starting lineup, were defeated 26–6, and Howell finished 11 of 19 passes for 169 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He went for a touchdown as well. According to Rivera, they were pleased with his handling of his debut, including his decision-making and capacity for self-correction.

Howell explained, “It’s a confidence thing.” I have faith in the offense, in my teammates, in the system, and in my own abilities when I take the field. I can play freely and quickly when I’m confident in all those aspects. I have been acting in that manner.”

Rivera stated early in the winter that although Howell would start spring training as the starting quarterback, he still needed to prove himself. Wentz was subsequently cut by the Commanders, and Heinicke was lost to the Atlanta Falcons in free agency.

Rivera has warned about sleeping on Jacoby multiple times. However, Howell performed to such an extent that a real struggle never broke out.

“Jacoby did some really good things too, so we feel really comfortable about the quarterback room right now,” Rivera stated.

Commanders, according to Rivera, were “thrilled” with Howell’s development from the opening game against Dallas through the spring workouts and training camp.

Regarding Howell’s progress, Rivera remarked, “He’s in a really good spot.” “Now, he’s not just a good enough quarterback. He’s a developing man. He is a capable individual. I’m looking forward to it.

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