SAD NEWS: Baker Mayfield Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB is Gone due to……..

Baker Mayfield Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB is Gone due to…


According to CBS Sports’ power rankings, quarterback Daniel Jones of the New York Giants came in last.NJ Advance Media for / Andrew Mills

Though opinions on Daniel Jones differ, the Giants have stated that they will not select a quarterback in favor of sticking with their starter as he begins his sixth season with the organization.


Jones had a difficult season due to injuries in 2023, but he was well enough in 2022—including leading the team to a playoff victory—to secure a large contract extension.


The starting quarterback power ranking created by CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin is focused more on the team’s current position than on “the bigger picture.” He ranks Jones at No. 32, worst among quarterbacks who have never played an NFL snap. Players who might not even get a starting position in 2024 were ranked higher than the Giants starter.

On Wednesday, Raan wrote, “The Daniel Jones slander is out of control.” “Two years ago, I was ranked in the top ten (6th in QBR). After making four starts in 2023, he is currently ranked lower than all rookie quarterbacks and backups in his career? It’s absurd to think of him as a total scrub. In 2019, he fell short of the then-rookie record by three touchdown passes. was nearly flawless sixteen months ago in a playoff victory. For several reasons, including his awful play and the fact that he missed the majority of those four starts with Andrew Thomas and Saquon, last season was an absolute disaster. However, it is completely incorrect to assume that he is incapable of playing. Too far, the pendulum swung.

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