BREAKING NEWS: Checo Pérez recently declared that he would shortly be retiring due to…

Checo Pérez recently declared that he would shortly be retiring


He is the combatant from the Lucha Libre country of the soft touch.

Perez has established his F1 reputation by taking opposing tacks when it comes to Grand Prix racing. He is a strong fighter who can push through the pack and get into the points, on the one hand. Even his teammates aren’t immune to the Mexican’s passion; he’s never hesitant to spice up his on-track interactions.

However, Perez is a deft maneuverer who excels at controlling tires to squeeze out more performance and give him the advantage in terms of strategy. After stints at Sauber, McLaren, Force India, and Racing Point, Perez has established himself as a grid favorite and developed into a thoughtful racer and team worker.

The Guadalajara gunslinger is a proud Mexican who has accumulated more points than any other Mexican in Formula One history. He also equaled national icon Pedro Rodriguez in Sakhir 2020 by winning the chequered flag, a feat that earned him a spot alongside Red Bull, the reigning champions.

There, he added five more wins to his career total and supported Max Verstappen during his championship-winning 2021/22/23 campaigns. Even if Verstappen is a teammate and may not guarantee Perez’s own title challenge, he still needs to race hard and with all of his heart.

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