SAD NEWS: Kevin O’Connell Vikings Head Coach Had a Terribel Accident That Led To……

Kevin O’Connell Vikings Head coach, signed a divorce paper


Did the Vikings’ past relationship with Jim Harbaugh get in the way of trade talks on draft day?
Kirby Lee of USA TODAY Sports posted on Twitter.

The Minnesota Vikings, led by head coach Kevin O’Connell and general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, appear to be on the right track at the moment. But for many, there was a time when it appeared as though Jim Harbaugh would take Mike Zimmer’s place as the Vikings’ head coach. What a great time to be alive!

Even though he had only minimal success as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines at the time, Harbaugh was prepared to return to the NFL as a quarterback. Harbaugh never received an offer from the Minnesota Vikings, despite reports that he was ready to take the coaching job on day one.

After his disastrous coaching interview in Minnesota, Harbaugh was compelled to return to Ann Arbor because no other NFL teams were showing interest at the time. Is it possible that the entire experience left Harbaugh with a grudge toward the Vikings?

Is Jim Harbaugh Still Furious About His Minnesota Vikings Interview?
The author is Kirby Lee from USA TODAY Sports.

According to a report by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Harbaugh may have tried to get revenge on the Vikings’ decision-makers on draft weekend while Minnesota was trying to arrange a trade-up in the first round.

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Vikings and Chargers had a discussion. One league executive also questioned whether Jim Harbaugh’s obstinacy about a potential deal between the two parties sprang from Minnesota passing on him for the head coaching job two years earlier.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN talks about the Minnesota Vikings and Jim Harbaugh.

Is Harbaugh really that careless? In the NFL, we wouldn’t rule that out. After all, he had no motive to help the Vikings sign their franchise quarterback. He is working to go to the promised land as well.

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Ironically, J.J. McCarthy, the previous quarterback for Harbaugh, was signed by the Vikings. The new head coach of the Chargers is a big fan of the former Wolverines quarterback. Though the Vikings were unable to finalize a trade with the Chargers, they might have acquired McCarthy without having to shell out a substantial sum of additional draft capital. They didn’t need Harbaugh’s help.

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