JUST NOW: Recently, Patrick Mahomes signed a massive deal with the Detroit Lions and…

Patrick Mahomes signed a massive deal with the Detroit Lions


The Kansas City Chiefs have solidified their status as one of the greatest NFL dynasties in history by winning back-to-back Super Bowls. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback, is even talking about a three-peat these days.

Following the New England Patriots in 2003–04, Kansas City became the first team to win two Super Bowls in twenty years. The team succeeded in spite of a few serious injuries and a receiving corps that behind other competitors.


However, Kansas City made a comeback to the top and currently has three Super Bowl rings from the Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Travis Kelce periods. The Chiefs have a lot of confidence to run it back because the future Hall of Famers are all anticipated to return for the 2024 season, along with a few new offensive pieces.

Mahomes essentially guaranteed fans during an interview with the “Impaulsive” podcast that the Chiefs would play in Super Bowl LIX in 2019. The Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback declared that his club will employ the well-known “Corndog” play once more in Super Bowl LIX, regardless of their opponent.

So, the next year, we’ll do the same thing in New Orleans. Set it down on the table. We plan to carry out the action again. I will tell you now.

Everything goes flawlessly for Kansas City when they employ the “Corndog” in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl LVIII’s overtime, the San Francisco 49ers’ touchdown over the Philadelphia Eagles set up the game-winning play.

It is certainly bold to claim that Mahomes will guarantee the Chiefs make it back to the Super Bowl. Despite winning the Lombardi Trophy three times in the previous five years and making four trips to the Super Bowl, Kansas City has cause for optimism.

There is a distinction between this and the Chiefs quarterback declaring that his team would compete in Super Bowl LIX, even though Mahomes did not promise a three-peat. Nevertheless, we’re willing to bet that a quarterback who is certain enough to guarantee his team a Super Bowl berth will also believe his team will prevail in that specific game.

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