BREAKING NEWS: Matt Eberflus Head Coach Of Chicago Bears Announced his Departure due to…

Matt Eberflus does not yet have a new contract, but he does have another one.

Bears general manager Ryan Poles explains to Tom Waddle and Mark Silverman on ESPN radio that Matt Eberflus keeps the team on course by doing unseen work.

The popular perception of Matt Eberflus is that he is on a losing skid going into this season and who knows what might happen if things get worse.

None of it is accurate in the opinion of someone who matters, especially his employer, General Manager Ryan Poles.

Even though he hasn’t gotten a contract extension, Eberflus is performing exceptionally well in Poles’ opinion.

In a conversation with Tom Waddle and Mark Silverman on Chicago’s ESPN AM-1000, Poles discussed Eberflus and showed unprecedented gratitude for his coach, even praising his beard.

Waddle & Silvy were informed by Poles, “I believe in Matt.” “Listen, I fully appreciate that people may not be aware of the things he has done for this football team that are likely beneath the surface.

“I think the guy is great, our team has a great culture, our locker room is amazing, and our guys are still developing in the right ways. And I felt it was amazing what he accomplished the previous year under the pressure of having to select the defense and serve as head coach.”

Eberflus received a lot of credit for his ability to weather the storm. After Alan Williams, the previous defensive coordinator, left, he was forced to take over as head coach and defensive coordinator.

Poles remarked, “You have to be mentally tough in this city.” “He has all he needs, even at the start of our journey and the circumstances we find ourselves in. Few men that I know of are capable of overcoming some of the difficulties we have faced.

“And I think the world of the guy and I think he’s going to continue to get better and better bringing it right along with this football team.”

In any case, the coach has signed a covert contract extension.

“That probably would have been posted if we did,” remarked the Poles.

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