Breaking News: Aaron Boone manager of new york yankees declared that he would shortly be retiring due to…

Aaron Boone manager of new york yankees declared that he would shortly be retiring

During the New York Yankees game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Carlos Rodón pitched 5.2 innings without giving up a hit, but he was relieved by Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre.


At Steinbrenner Field in Tampa on Monday afternoon, New York Yankees southpaw Carlos Rodón was throwing strikes against the Philadelphia Phillies left and right.

The sixth inning was not where the veteran’s no-hitter ended, as he continued to pitch.Rodón now has 5.2 no-hit innings after recording two more outs.

However, as it was a spring training competition, Rodón was not allowed to run the full distance.

However, the lefty’s day was ended by a different, yet familiar, visage rather than manager Aaron Boone calling Rodriguez out.

Joe Torre, the former manager of the Yankees, stormed out of the dugout to confront Rodón and demand that the pitcher switch. A standing ovation was given by the audience, some of which was directed toward Rodón’s jewel and part toward Torre.

Speaking to Rodón on the mound, the nine-time All-Star, two-time Manager of the Year, and Baseball Hall of Famer was decked out in his full Yankees outfit. Torre grabbed the ball from Rodón and signaled for right-hander Ian Hamilton to relieve him, leaving the other infield players with broad smiles on their cheeks.


From 1996 until 2007, Torre was the star of New York’s clubhouse, earning four World Series titles and six AL pennants while residing in the Bronx. He briefly played for the Los Angeles Dodgers before taking over as MLB’s chief baseball officer in 2011.

Recently, the Yankees invited the 83-year-old Torre to serve as a guest teacher at their spring training facility.

With Torre in the dugout, New York went on to defeat Philadelphia 4-3, ending a 1-5 run in Grapefruit League play.




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