Lions Make Bold Move, Trade Up for Edge Rusher in Final Mock Draft

To complement Aidan Hutchinson, the Detroit Lions are probably looking to choose another edge rusher in this year’s draft.

Brad Holmes, the general manager, signed Marcus Davenport, a free agency this offseason. Davenport has a high ceiling but has struggled with injuries the last two seasons.

James Houston, an outside linebacker in his third year, is another player the organization is expecting on to make a comeback after missing the majority of 2023 due to an ankle fracture.

One of the most well-connected insiders is NFL Network analyst Peter Schrager, who only publishes two mock drafts a year and frequently communicates with scouts, front office staff, and league executives.

Detroit selects one of the best edge rushers in this year’s draft class in his final 2024 mock selection.

There have been whispers for the last 24 hours suggesting that Detroit is one of the teams considering moving up from No. 29.

“As the Lions get proactive and give up a third-round pick (No. 73 overall) to move up eight spots for Verse, a physical force on the edge who fits as a complement to Aidan Hutchinson,” Schrager added, “the Detroit audience goes berserk.”

Verse played collegiately for the Florida State Seminoles for two seasons, during which he recorded 18 sacks and 30 tackles for loss.

The Lions consider the degree of competition that a draft candidate faced.

In an interview with 97.1 The Ticket, head coach Dan Campbell said that factors such as the caliber of opposition a prospect faced are taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to add them to the roster.

Yes, that is a component of it. That makes up a big portion of it, Campbell added. I won’t mention the names of the two of males that immediately come to mind. You know, that’s a component of the assessment procedure.

You have to project with that. A certain amount of projection exists. What does it look like when he gets to the NFL, and how does he handle that? “I see this, I see the talent, I see the ability, I see the character.” What is his reaction to that?

It is necessary to project the player’s true abilities to a certain extent. When you consider the players’ projections, it’s actually not so much about the present. It has to do with next year,” Campbell went on.

What does he look like in a year? What is the appetite if we accept that? Where do we actually think he’s worth pursuing? So that’s basically where we’ve positioned those players. It is, of course, our degree of conviction; if it rises, they are pushed higher. Maybe they’re a little lower if not.

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