Breaking: Raiders Eyeing Brenden Rice: Will Jerry Rice’s Son Join Las Vegas?

Is the son of Jerry going to be a Raider?

Brenden Rice, a wide receiver at USC, is reportedly one of the draft possibilities that the Las Vegas Raiders are visiting ahead of the draft.

Let’s examine Rice in more detail:


210 pounds and 6-3.

Highlights of college:

Rice gave the Trojans a big-play threat. In 2023, he caught 45 passes for 12 touchdowns, averaging 17.6 yards per grab. He caught 111 passes for 21 touchdowns while in college. He attended Colorado for his first two collegiate seasons before excelling at USC. He had one more year of eligibility when he left USC.

The goat’s son:

Jerry Rice, a wide receiver in the Pro Football Hall of Fame who spent four seasons with the Oakland Raiders, is Rice’s father.


He works hard and is a smart physical player who can create a lot of plays. Scouts say he has to work on his footwork and is a little erratic.
How he would mesh with the Raiders:

Wide receiver is not an obvious necessity for the Raiders. However, if they believe the value is there, they might pick one in the middle rounds. There is interest, as seen by the visit with Rice.

What is his range for the draft?

Where Rice is selected in the draft will be interesting. This is another class of deep receivers, and many evaluators rank other players at the position higher than Rice. Nevertheless, teams will be intrigued by his pedigree and big-play potential. He might reach Day 2 heights.

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