Brian Cashman’s remarks regarding Juan Soto huge Yankees contract

In 2024, Juan Soto will be the New York Yankees’ difference. There’s no question about that at all. And when you think about it, it’s sort of crazy. With the rest of the (potential) talent on this team, the Yankees shouldn’t need Soto to win, but that’s what happens when money isn’t exactly spent wisely.

In any case, discussions over Soto’s long-term future in New York (no, not with the Mets, shut up) have increased since it is clear that he is essential to the team’s present and future success.

Although it is expected that he will test the market as a free agent, the Yankees are reportedly serious about keeping him. That’s the talk among reporters, at least, and fans should always err on the side of caution because things in the MLB may change suddenly.

But general manager Brian Cashman’s remarks, who typically keeps his cards close to the vest (apart from his outrageous tirade during the GM Meetings this past winter), are what fans will fall in love with.

In fact, Cashman basically acknowledges here that the MVP-caliber slugger has changed a great deal for a Yankees team that was lost only a few months ago, which is encouraging for the two sides to reach a final agreement.

Brian Cashman’s remarks regarding Juan Soto are encouraging for his huge Yankees contract.

Do you believe the Yankees have figured out the formula yet? gifted athletes with genuine, vivacious personalities? Rather than just robots with a random (or out-of-date) talent for baseball?

Cashman mentioned that “locked off” and “guarded” people don’t really work in New York and mentioned that Soto is “open” and “engaged” with his fans, as well as displaying positive body language. Just consider how many times the game has changed so far. Soto’s feelings and antics have been boosting his vigor.

This is a sign of a bigger issue rather than an attempt to single out any one Yankees player. The front office hasn’t really improved the human part of the game in the last ten or so years. The elite players they have long-term acquired and retained, like as Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gerrit Cole, don’t exactly show their feelings by showing them off, but they do have a contagious, inspirational attitude.

Cashman has inked longer-term contracts with players who share similar personalities, such as Masahiro Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Aaron Hicks, DJ LeMahieu, etc. If those people are to be your “stars,” then the supporting cast must be more animated.

Alternatively, just shell out $500 million for a celebrity with those qualities. Cashman seemed to be alluding to that in his most recent appearance on MLB Network Radio.

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